With a Legacy Portrait Film you will:

  • Preserve family stories, traditions and legends for generations to come.
  • Carry on your family legacy and let family members meet relatives they never knew.
  • Never lose sight or sound of that something special that makes them who they are:
    • A beautiful smile, a favorite joke, a gesture, a song…stories, opinions, recipes, advice, timeless wisdom and priceless humor.


 We work closely with you to create your Legacy Portrait Film.

At the center of the portrait is a relaxed filmed conversation with your loved one which will take place in their home. Our filmmaking team is expert at creating a comfortable, safe interview environment that serves to elicit genuine, lively and heartfelt responses.

Each portrait is custom designed. Length, scope and cost vary according to your specifications.
For example, we can also film the subject in their daily activities and doing things they enjoy.
Existing photos and home movies can be incorporated into the film as well.